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EEEngineering, LLC is a superior power engineering firm that takes pride in providing accurate results.

Thierry EPASSA, P.E. - Electrical Engineering Director

Thierry has spent nearly a decade in various energy-related industries (refineries, chemical plants, and renewables), mastering electrical, instrumentation, SCADA, and control concepts and ultimately specializing in power systems. One key element has always rung true – Attention to small details is critical to protecting workers and equipment.

While meticulously reviewing countless power system models and carefully analyzing several thousand-page electrical reports performed on power distribution systems, Thierry noticed several shortcomings in those previous evaluations and identified key modifications necessary to ensure the electrical risks were properly characterized and mitigated. He realized a gap in how power studies are performed, hence the establishment of EEEngineering, LLC.

Thierry holds three bachelor’s degrees in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics from Lamar University. Besides, he is a registered professional engineer in Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Indiana, South Dakota, New Mexico, Minnesota, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Iowa, and California. He is constantly looking to acquire additional expertise in power systems, having taken two dozen seminars/training in power systems analysis, arc flash 2018 methodologies, ETAP, Schweitzer engineering laboratory (SEL), and Doble seminar on transformers. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Houston with a focus on renewable energy and later on a Ph.D. in power energy systems

Thierry has also broadened his skills by attending a summer MBA program at Harvard Business School.

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